Close Protection Agents - Bodyguards

            The need for active or passive protection of individuals can occur in many contexts and in many variations. SECORE Security Services has long experience with solving particular protection tasks for: diplomats and newcomer persons, important people with big media attraction, key personel under sudden outside pressure of hazardous nature, or others who may have needs. Our approach to the task can be either discrete or visible pending or active, depending on individual needs. Common to all our benefits, however, is that we care to keep calm, clarity and confidence, so our client (s) can focus on what they are good at.  

The trained bodyguards is the security worlds elite. They are selected because of their personal abilities to sense danger long before it gets the opportunity to become real, they are friendly but certain, and socially intelligent, and have been trained in many disciplines within the security sector such as Surveillance Detection: Seeking and considers any monitoring, Counter Surveillance: To fool those who monitor away from supervised by putting false trail, Anti-Eavesdropping: Removes electronic eavesdropping also called TSCM. In addition, profiling, martial arts, weapons handling and identification of improvised explosive means tactical ride trained, close quarter combat, etc. etc.

Real bodyguards plan from any task and rarely sees battle. Being a bodyguard is not just a question of size and muscle, but also quick-witted, sharpness and intelligence.