SECOR Lone Worker Tracking - LWM - is a comprehensive anti-kidnapping system designed to create distanced safety of employees working in hostile and underdeveloped areas approaching. With the latest in GSM communications technology, staff can now be monitored on the other side of the world by our highly qualified security personnel, which is helping to create a safe and secure environment for the individual person.

How it works:. The lone worker will be equipped with a portable device that is less size than a mobile phone There are 2 kinds of equipment. A GSM device which is suitable for most of the world, or a satellite unit for the small black spots "where no GSM coverage is". The unit has an emergency button, as when pressed, sends a data signal with the individual's location to a central in the EU which is manned 24 hours a day.

Our highly trained security personnel are trained to intervene then the action pursuant predefined action plans. They are able to take the necessary decisions, notify local emergency services and involved parties, deploy anti-kidnapping teams etc.