Security consultants

SECORE Security Services provides consultancy in all security measures, security of buildings, personnel, vigilance, inland and abroad. Safety in ensuring new buildings. Building an enterprise security Infra structure. Anti-terror, threath assesment, generel security , etc. 

Conventional alarm systems, access controls and other forms of electronic and mechanical security is not always sufficient to guarantee values. Regardless of complexity, it remains as passive protection, and acts merely preventive and delays. Likewise, ordinary people watch - no matter how professional and efficient most of them or their work - seldom adequately trained to respond proactively, and to identify sophisticated crime

SECORE Security Services' consultants can advise, mentor, train and recommend to enable it to be secured, secured with the most modern technology and the best knowledge and manpower are available on the market. Our experience from our work with advanced security solutions around respectively hotels, embassies, airlines and others, have created a unique combination of knowledge, which our customers can enjoy through our consultancy services