Security training, Specialist Training

SECORE Security Services offers many forms of training. We train bodyguards abroad in different environments which is helping to develop the individual's skills in an alternative and invasive way. We coach companies and individuals in the travel safety - learn about the behavior of a street picture where there can exist xenophobia to avoid kidnapping. We train in tactical driving for corporate security drivers and other employees in the understanding of risks and learn how to operate a vehicle in an emergency. Additionally, we offer training in conflict management, first aid, tactical firearms, convoy security, etc.


The threat of violence are increasing worldwide, individuals and organizations should be aware that the threats and associated risks in order to operate safely as possible. Awareness is a mindset that can be developed through structured training and preparation, hands-on skills to be practiced and SECORE Security Services can provide this training and support throughout the world in a variety of topics, based on proven methods and techniques that are taught by Experienced and qualified instructors. We are experienced in educaton both nationally but also in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Afgahnistan, Kurdistan etc. Contact us today if you would like more about your options for expert training in all aspects of security.